Microsoft Lists is a collaborative online app that helps you to track information and organise work. With web and mobile apps, and Microsoft Teams integration, Microsoft Lists makes it easy to work with others and make sure everyone is kept up to date and on track.

Getting started with Microsoft Lists is easy. Choose from a blank slate, import existing data, or use the built-in templates for tracking expenses, issues, employee onboarding, events, assets, the recruitment process, travel request, and work progress. Then customise your list with fields for the information you want to track. Next, use the list, grid, gallery, and calendar views, filtering and sorting options, and conditional formatting to make information easier to access and consume. Finally, share your list with others.

For more advanced users, Microsoft Lists provides field validation, form customisation, smart rules, and integration with Power Automate and Power Apps for greater customisation. The smart rules feature allows notifications to be sent to people when list items or fields change so that they can stay up to date with items that relate to them. Using Power Automate opens your list up to interact with other apps. For example, item data can be automatically added from other data sources, such as Microsoft Forms, a post can automatically be added to a Microsoft Teams channel when items are added or updated, such as introducing a new team member when they are added to a staff directory, or a reminder can be sent about an upcoming deadline contained in a list item.

What information could you use Microsoft Lists to track and organise?