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IT Squad’s primary goal is to make getting the IT support you need for your business easier. Our “How To” videos will help you get more out of the tools you already have. With tips and tricks for using Windows 11, Word, Teams, PowerPoint, and Excel, you’ll be able to speed through your everyday tasks and have more time to focus on growing your business.


Windows 11

Optimise your proficiency with our Windows 11 training. Familiarise yourself with new features and enhance your productivity with these ‘How to’ videos.

Our Window 11 How To videos include:

  • Automatically arrange all your open windows
  • Copy and paste a million times faster
  • Copy text between your computer and phone
  • Take super speedy screenshots
  • Master your messy desktop with a wrist flick
  • Move the Windows start button back to the left
  • Open your best apps with a keyboard tap
  • Save your eyes from a bright white screen
  • Save your fingers and type with your voice

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is used to create a host of documents, including letterheads, reports, templates, training manuals, invoices, and more. Improve productivity and have the necessary skills to get the job done with our Microsoft Word ‘How To’ videos.

Our Microsoft Word How To videos include:

  • Concentrate and type more
  • Do whatever you want with one click
  • Get rid of the annoying welcome screen
  • Insert chunks of text with a click
  • Insert chunks of text with short-codes
  • Do mass personal emailing
  • Print mass personal letters
  • Start a new document quicker
  • Swap text to capitals and back on the keyboard
  • Start a bullet-pointed list in just one click
  • Save documents more quickly
  • Never lose vital work when you click Save
  • Send the fonts used in your document
  • Create your own text format and use it quickly
  • Compare two documents easily
  • Change lots of text all in one go

Microsoft Teams

Want to get more out of Microsoft Teams? These videos will enhance your use of Teams, helping to make connecting with others and getting things done a breeze.

Our Microsoft Teams How To videos include:

  • Blur or change your background on a video call
  • Look like you are in one room
  • Master ALL the shortcuts
  • Only allow interruptions from your boss
  • Quickly mute your mic during a call
  • Quickly turn off your camera during a call
  • Send messages without breaking your workflow
  • Stop the pings with Do Not Disturb mode
  • Turn a quick email into a message
  • Swap to the right mic during a call
  • Stop writing posts that are one sentence long
  • Share the right screen during a call
  • Setup your camera and mic before a call
  • Find out if someone is free without having to check
  • Create a personal voicemail message

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a versatile and valuable tool. Create more engaging presentations, enhance overall communication, and keep your audience focused with our ‘How to’ tips and tricks.

Our Microsoft PowerPoint How To videos include:

  • Add sound to your slides
  • Change your pointer to grab attention
  • Create and insert screen recordings
  • Send the fonts in your presentation
  • Make everything symmetrical
  • Turn a Word document into a PowerPoint
  • Use 3D models in your slides
  • Remove the background from images quickly
  • Say goodbye to boring bullet points
  • Swap to the right mic during a call
  • Grab attention by live zooming in your presentation
  • Quickly blank the screen during a slideshow
  • Live draw on your slides to grab attention
  • Turn your presentation into a video
  • Insert elegant invisible links in your presentation

Microsoft Excel

Excel is a great data analysis tool, but few people know how to maximise its potential. Be the go-to person in your office and boost your Excel skills with our ‘How to’ videos.

Our Microsoft PowerPoint How To videos include:

  • Save time adding new columns or rows
  • Create ranges of data without doing any typing
  • Swap rows into columns and vice versa
  • Make dull data stand out and become dynamic
  • Insert live Excel data into Word
  • Make a drop-down list to select from
  • Understand your data with super-fast graphs
  • Combine text from two cells into one
  • Always see the headings when scrolling
  • Easily zoom in and out
  • Get to the top row without scrolling
  • Instantly see all data in columns & rows
  • Speed up typing
  • Do super-fast sums without formulas
  • Turn numbers into money with one click

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