Technology is meant to help to make life easier. It's supposed to just work.

It can be frustrating and time consuming when things don’t work the way they should.

The online world brings lots of benefits but there are also risks.

Knowing how to protect your important information from malware, attackers, and the unexpected also has its challenges.

We care about you, your important information, and your time.

Let us help make your technology easy for you.

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Customers partner with IT Squad to ensure that their technology works and is secure, and that their important information is safe. They appreciate that IT Squad has expertise in providing solutions that help them communicate and collaborate effectively so that they can save time and get things done.

We recently transitioned our workplace on to Microsoft Teams. Having Regan there to guide us through each step took the guesswork and confusion out of the transition. After a smooth transition I can highly recommend his services.

Kate Teao, Manager, Grange Spa

IT Squad helps may sure that my tecnhology does what I need it to. Regan's readily avaiable, easy to work with, and is always happy to help solve any problems I have.

Brett Barlett, Owner, Fernland Spa & Mineral Water

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As part of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Microsoft Planner provides collaborative task management to help you and your team get organised and work together. Individual tasks are represented as cards on Kanban-style boards that contain checklists, conversations, and files; keeping task-related content together and easy to find.
Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud based storage service that allows you to access your files anywhere from any device. With OneDrive, you can also share your files and work together on them with other people. Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions include OneDrive and it is also available as a standalone product with free and paid versions.
Apple recently released updates for iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs which patch three "zero-day" vulnerabilities which are reportedly being exploited by malicious actors attempting to access devices.
Microsoft Lists is a collaborative online app that helps you to track information and organise work. With web and mobile apps, and Microsoft Teams integration, Microsoft Lists makes it easy to work with others and make sure everyone is kept up to date and on track.
Businesses can improve their network security by separating devices into groups based on who uses them and what data they have, and controlling how these subnetworks can talk to each other. While network segmentation is often used by larger organisations, it is relevant to smaller businesses and can help prevent the spread of malware and limit attackers’ access to important, and often sensitive, information.

We would highly recommend IT Squad for any computer, networking and Cloud Solutions. Regan has been fantastic to work with; full of ideas to solve any problems that may occur, talks in easy to understand language and offers amazing service. In our business we cant afford to be down/off line for too long and Regan ensures a quick response to any issues we may have.

Bruce Hunt, Owner, U-Name-It

Regan has been super speedy, responsive, professional and has offered excellent sound knowledge, advice and skills. All of this has been done so in a manner and with terminology that we've been able to follow and understand.

Kim Register, Director, Learning Support